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Customer Stories

Greg Lorenzi

Jon Heffron

As a YouTube gear reviewer, I get to test a lot of gear on my channel. The RōM Pack is the multi-tool of backpacks. With the ability to be used as a blanket, rain poncho and backpack, it’s a great addition to my kit for those just in case moments.

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Leslie George

We love our RōM Pack!

Bring more and pack less is absolutely the perfect slogan for this pack.

We regularly use our pack at the ball field.  To cover the bleachers or to sit on the ground and cheer on our teams! With all the pockets and pouches and straps… it is easy to pack all those necessities when spending the day at the ball park. In fact, it was while packing the sunscreen that made me think we should take it to the beach! Every family knows how much “stuff” is required when heading down to the sand and sun. This pack made it so much easier to get everything down to the beach and to bring it back up, plus it made for a great spot for our 4 children to sit and enjoy an afternoon snack.

EVERY family should definitely own a RōM Pack.  It makes life with kids so much easier.

Lee Williams

The RōM Pack is the most revolutionary thing to happen to backpacks since the invention of the shoulder strap. It’s perfect for day-trekkers, hunters, and long-distance shooters. It’s tough and durable — almost over-engineered. It’s also the most comfortable day pack I’ve ever carried. I highly recommend the RōM Pack to anyone who spends time outdoors.

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Haley Haygood

This pack has come in handy in the stand!  I was up a ladder in the cold and I remembered I had a backpack and a blanket!  I made a blind with my RōM Pack.  The deer couldn’t see me and I wasn’t freezing!

Kris Strebeck

University of the Cumberlands Head Archery Coach


The RōM Pack is very versatile and well-made.  It’s very convenient for my archers to use on the course and on their own while shooting or hunting.

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Bill Reese

The RōM Outdoors Pack is one of the most versatile pieces of gear I have used. When I choose gear, I do my best to ensure multipurpose functionality. With the RōM Pack’s ability to be a pack, blanket, and poncho, I can carry less gear and still have exactly what I need when I am out in the wild.

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Brittany Lorenzi

I love the RōM Pack for its versatility. It is ideal for busy weekends, jam-packed with my kids’ soccer games and other sporting events. Recently, while in Birmingham for a tournament, a storm rolled in out of nowhere. I was thankful to have my RōM Pack, which quickly transformed into a durable poncho. Not only does it carry all my belongings, but it also serves as a blanket for the girls to sit on. This pack is thoughtfully designed and is indispensable for families on the go. It’s a handy product that I can carry with me in transition to wherever I need to be.

Gordy Prather

I’m impressed with the functionality of the pack. At first, I was a little skeptical about the practicality and efficiency of a 3 in 1 combination pack. However, the transition from one use to another really is quite simple. In fact, on our most recent hiking trip, we used the RōM pack to full capacity.

Before our adventure even unfolded, our son was playing near the creek at the trailhead. He, of course, fell in. He wasn’t injured. Just wet. We didn’t bring towels or a change of clothes, so we transformed one of our packs into the poncho and he sat in it until he warmed up and his clothes dried.

We quickly transformed the pack back into its natural use and were on our way up the trail.

The pack sat on the shoulders well and didn’t present any issues along the way.

At lunch, we unfolded one of the packs into the blanket and used it for a picnic. Again, I like the multifunctional ability of the pack.

Kristen Swords

I have relied on this pack throughout my collegiate archery career.  Having a way to pack my equipment all in one place has helped me be prepared for each competition.

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