Our Story

Everyone has great ideas. RōM was born when one man chose to pursue an idea of his own, and stitched together the first prototype of a versatile backpack he believed in. After changing the materials, the design, the colors, the name—after refining every detail countless times—the RōM Pack and RōM Outdoors were born.

Now that RōM Packs and other RōM outdoor products are being enjoyed all over the United States, we’re working on what’s next. More ideas. Some like you’ve never seen. And a few more familiar pieces of gear to help you look, feel and perform your best while you’re out there, doing what you do.

Our RōM “2” has a twofold meaning:

First off, it’s a reminder “2” RōM, to explore new places to which you never dreamed of going, and places that you never thought you could go.

Its second and deeper meaning harkens back to a personal story from RōM’s founder, Janay Jones.

Growing up, Janay’s father felt that, although he was not able to give his son everything that he wanted to give him, he was able to provide for him what he needed. He expressed to Janay that with each generation comes the responsibility “2” do twice as much for your children and for the next generation, for society and for the community, then was done for you.

In this spirit, Janay realized the power of the number “2” and its direct implication of action. “2” serves as a constant reminder to just do more – to exceed expectations, to defy limitations, to make a difference within your local community.

The RōM “2” is a continuous prompt to do whatever it is that makes your mind expand and your heart soar. We hope it encourages you to take action, to step outside your comfort zone, and to discover your purpose in the world.

Let Adventure Unfold.
This is a phrase we use often and don’t take lightly. It grounds us. What we’re doing now as a company is definitely an adventure. This is a journey for which there is no map — we’re making our own way. While we believe in wholeheartedly going after what you want, we also know it takes time, heart and deep thought to build great things. We’re staying open and flexible, measuring progress carefully. We don’t want to grow too fast, or too slowly. We believe in being deliberate, and also in letting things happen organically. As a company, that’s what we’re doing now. And as our adventure unfolds, we delight in discovering every minute of it.

We believe ingenuity favors the prepared. Those always ready for adventure and discovery. Those quietly planning their next steps—even in stillness. Those who see every challenge as a welcome opportunity to learn.

Driven by curiosity, we will always innovate to make better what has only been made good. We’re here to lay new ground. To build products of high quality and great utility. We’re here to pay homage to a single idea that brought us this far and to make friends with the future by creating what’s next, not waiting for its arrival.

We’re here to help you go exactly where you want to be—and to make sure that whatever you need most is right there with you.

Customer Stories

Lee Williams

Sarasota, FL

Customer Stories

Lee Williams

Sarasota, FL

The RōM Pack is the most revolutionary thing to happen to backpacks since the invention of the shoulder strap. I highly recommend the RōM Pack to anyone who spends time outdoors.
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