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RōM Pack


A 3-in-1 system, the RōM Pack is a backpack you can fully transform into either a wearable poncho with a hood or a blanket that’s soft on one side and water resistant on the other.

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Large Capacity
With over 3,000 cubic inches of carrying capacity, there’s no excuse for leaving stuff behind.

Inner Pack  SEE DETAILS >
While the RōM Pack is being used as a poncho or blanket, the Inner Pack drawstring liner can be used for stowing and carrying your other cargo.

Comfort Shoulder Straps
The wide, padded straps distribute the weight of your gear for even comfort.

Load Balance Straps
Chest and waist straps wrap around you and fasten, helping to evenly distribute the pack’s weight.

Web haul handle
Grab your pack or hang it up using one solid handle.

Insulated Poncho
Unzip, unfold then pull out the hood. Snap the buttons along the side and there you have it: instant protection from the elements. (Don’t forget your inner pack, too.)

Foldout blanket
One side is soft fleece. The other is durable, water resistant fabric. Smooth it out for a picnic or to watch the sunset in perfect comfort.

Arno Straps
Strong and secure, these straps can hold items like umbrellas, hiking poles, rifles, tripods—whatever makes your adventure complete.

Hidden Zippered Pocket
A hidden compartment for storing smaller (but no less important) items.

Removable Saddlebags
Two completely detachable pouches that can stay together or be disconnected in one click. Great for snacks, toiletries and other on-the-go necessities.  

Dual Side Mesh Pockets
Hydration is essential. Always keep water, keys and smaller accessories close by for easy access.

Fastening Clips
Keep shoulder straps securely in place by adjusting your pack so that it fits just right.

DWR Fabric
Durable, water resistant fabric repels moisture, rain, and cuts down dry time. The DWR fabric keeps the outer fabric from being saturated, helping to maintain a warm, insulated poncho inside. 

Molle Straps & Webbing
Use carabiners to hook on additional gear, keeping it handy and outside of the pack for easy access.


Pack – 19” wide x 17” long x 8” tall (filled)
Top Pocket – 6” wide x 12” long x 3” tall (filled)
Bottom Pocket – 8” wide x 10” long x 3” tall (filled)
Blanket – 66” wide x 51” long

Main Pack – 2584 cu in
Top Pocket – 216 cu in
Bottom Pocket – 240 cu in
Total Capacity – 3040 cu in

4.6 lbs

600D Poly with a PVC backing
Water Resistant

How do I pronounce RōM?
The long vowel mark, or macron, over the o indicates a long o, or the same o sound as in the words open and gnome. Last hint: It rhymes with home.

How can I use my RōM Pack?
You can use your RōM Pack the same way you would use any other backpack—fill it with what you need, skip tossing in a blanket or poncho and head out the door. The gear loops are like having extra hands. Use carabiners or other simple fasteners to lock stuff into place for carrying while keeping it handy on the outside of the pack for easy access—sporting equipment, chairs, maps, binoculars, keys, etc.. A welcome companion for hunting trips and outdoor adventures when weather can change quickly, we also hear about RōM Packs heading to school, out on picnics—even to major or minor sporting events like football, soccer and little league games. Strap chairs onto the pack and carry everything you need into a game, festival or concert. Or, strap camping gear onto your RōM Pack and head into the woods. We built it. It’s up to you to make it your own.   

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How do I transform my RōM Pack?
When people learn that the RōM Pack can be transformed into a blanket or a poncho, this is usually the next question. And since everyone learns in different ways, here’s a link to download a PDF that includes printable instructions. Or, you can watch a quick video. Versatile pack, versatile directions.


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Spot clean with a damp cloth and allow to air dry in blanket form. We do not recommend putting your Rōm Pack in the washing machine. Trust us on this one.

Brush off any loose debris and spot-clean, if necessary. Fold into pack form. Use the web haul handle to hang your pack off the ground and in a dry place. Ahh.

Any durable water repellent (DWR) finished product should be resealed at least once every two seasons. If water appears to absorb into the outer poly layer instead of beading up, it’s time to reseal. Do this by applying a DWR coating, which you may purchase from your favorite outdoor retailer. Not naming any names.

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