RoM Outdoors, Backpacks, 3 in 1 Packs, Hiking Backpacks, Transform your Adventure, Our Trail, Outdoor Gear, Rom Pack
RoM Outdoors, Backpacks, 3 in 1 Packs, Hiking Backpacks, Transform your Adventure, Our Trail, Outdoor Gear, Rom Pack
RoM Outdoors, Backpacks, 3 in 1 Packs, Hiking Backpacks, Transform your Adventure, Our Trail, Outdoor Gear, RoM Pack
RoM Outdoors, Backpacks, 3 in 1 Packs, Hiking Backpacks, Transform your Adventure, Our Trail, Outdoor Gear, Black Poncho
RoM Outdoors, Backpacks, 3 in 1 Packs, Hiking Backpacks, Transform your Adventure, Our Trail, Outdoor Gear, Blanket, Camping Gear

RōM Pack

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A 3-in-1 system, the RōM Pack is a backpack you can fully transform into either a wearable poncho with a hood or a blanket that’s soft on one side and water resistant on the other.

RoM Outdoors, Backpacks, 3 in 1 Packs, Hiking Backpacks, Transform your Adventure, Our Trail, Outdoor Gear, ROM Pack
RoM Outdoors, Backpacks, 3 in 1 Packs, Hiking Backpacks, Transform your Adventure, Our Trail, Outdoor Gear, RoM Pack
RoM Outdoors, Backpacks, 3 in 1 Packs, Hiking Backpacks, Transform your Adventure, Our Trail, Outdoor Gear, Camouflage
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Large Capacity
With over 3,000 cubic inches of carrying capacity, there’s no excuse for leaving stuff behind.

Inner Pack  SEE DETAILS >
While the RōM Pack is being used as a poncho or blanket, the Inner Pack drawstring liner can be used for stowing and carrying your other cargo.

Comfort Shoulder Straps
The wide, padded straps distribute the weight of your gear for even comfort.

Load Balance Straps
Chest and waist straps wrap around you and fasten, helping to evenly distribute the pack’s weight.

Web haul handle
Grab your pack or hang it up using one solid handle.

Insulated Poncho
Unzip, unfold then pull out the hood. Snap the buttons along the side and there you have it: instant protection from the elements. (Don’t forget your inner pack, too.)

Foldout blanket
One side is soft fleece. The other is durable, water resistant fabric. Smooth it out for a picnic or to watch the sunset in perfect comfort.

Arno Straps
Strong and secure, these straps can hold items like umbrellas, hiking poles, rifles, tripods—whatever makes your adventure complete.

Hidden Zippered Pocket
A hidden compartment for storing smaller (but no less important) items.

Removable Saddlebags
Two completely detachable pouches that can stay together or be disconnected in one click. Great for snacks, toiletries and other on-the-go necessities.  

Dual Side Mesh Pockets
Hydration is essential. Always keep water, keys and smaller accessories close by for easy access.

Fastening Clips
Keep shoulder straps securely in place by adjusting your pack so that it fits just right.

DWR Fabric
Durable, water resistant fabric repels moisture, rain, and cuts down dry time. The DWR fabric keeps the outer fabric from being saturated, helping to maintain a warm, insulated poncho inside. 

Molle Straps & Webbing
Use carabiners to hook on additional gear, keeping it handy and outside of the pack for easy access.


Pack – 19” wide x 17” long x 8” tall (filled)
Top Pocket – 6” wide x 12” long x 3” tall (filled)
Bottom Pocket – 8” wide x 10” long x 3” tall (filled)
Blanket – 66” wide x 51” long

Main Pack – 2584 cu in
Top Pocket – 216 cu in
Bottom Pocket – 240 cu in
Total Capacity – 3040 cu in

4.6 lbs

600D Poly with a PVC backing
Water Resistant

How do I pronounce RōM?
The long vowel mark, or macron, over the o indicates a long o, or the same o sound as in the words open and gnome. Last hint: It rhymes with home.

How can I use my RōM Pack?
You can use your RōM Pack the same way you would use any other backpack—fill it with what you need, skip tossing in a blanket or poncho and head out the door. The gear loops are like having extra hands. Use carabiners or other simple fasteners to lock stuff into place for carrying while keeping it handy on the outside of the pack for easy access—sporting equipment, chairs, maps, binoculars, keys, etc.. A welcome companion for hunting trips and outdoor adventures when weather can change quickly, we also hear about RōM Packs heading to school, out on picnics—even to major or minor sporting events like football, soccer and little league games. Strap chairs onto the pack and carry everything you need into a game, festival or concert. Or, strap camping gear onto your RōM Pack and head into the woods. We built it. It’s up to you to make it your own.   

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How do I transform my RōM Pack?
When people learn that the RōM Pack can be transformed into a blanket or a poncho, this is usually the next question. And since everyone learns in different ways, here’s a link to download a PDF that includes printable instructions. Or, you can watch a quick video. Versatile pack, versatile directions.

6 reviews for RōM Pack

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Why bring any other luggage for a weekend camping? I packed all my clothes, dog toys, sunscreen and hit the road! The great thing about this bag is that the Inner Pack comes out so I was able to keep my clothes packed away when I went out on my adventures. As you can read from above, I did not have a wet trip…quite the opposite so I did not need the poncho feature for this particular excursion. However, the fact that it turns into a blanket became quite handy when I went to read in the grass. I was able to lay it out and use the outside pouch as my pillow.

    There are 2 water bottle holders on the bag which also came in handy on our, I’ll be it short, walk. There are also 2 little zippers on the backpack that were very useful for my small, easily lost, items such as ear buds, jewelry, etc.

    I think this pack makes a great weekend outdoors pack. It’s perfect for grabbing some summer hiking clothes, your best fur pal and hitting the trails. You’ll be ready for any element and you’ll be able to stop for a picnic at a moments notice without having to have all of your belongings strewn about. They will remain tucked away in the Inner Pack while you convert the backpack into a poncho if you get caught in the rain, or a blanket if you feel like you need to take a break and eat your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The great thing is that the side that you sit on is incredibly soft and the other side on the ground doesn’t collect all the dirt, leaves, or whatever else might be on a ground in a campground.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    kmurkve (verified owner)

    The RoM Pack is a 3-in-1 engineered feat that offers you the ability to use it as a hiking pack, a poncho, or a blanket. I have to admit that I was skeptical when I first received it. This thing is made out of heavy duty materials and weighs in at 4.6 pounds, is wider than me, and when it was empty it really didn’t form to my body at all. I was really pleased that I wound up loving it!

    What I really loved about it is that the wide straps really distribute the weight well on your body. I was nervous about how heavy it was already when it was empty, and for our major day hike I had probably between 15-20 pounds extra in it. This probably doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but in addition to having a generally achy back I’ve had a LOT of stress-induced tightness in my neck and upper back. Despite this, I wound up carrying the pack for most of our moderately-difficult ~5 hour hike on the Superior Hiking Trail to Bean and Bear lake.

    I never felt any soreness from this pack at all, and in fact the only reason I asked my husband to carry it for the last stretch was because my glutes were giving out (fitness tracker said we climbed 121 flights of stairs!!). I was thrilled that when I took off the pack that all of my recent stiffness was reduced by about 90%!!! The weight of the pack combined with all of my movement must have stretched my muscles out in a therapeutic way. Some of the stiffness has creeped back, and I’m tempted to cancel all of my appointments that I scheduled last week for it and just go for another hike with this pack instead!

    I got to try out the poncho feature at Tettegouche state park on my last North Shore day- it was ~45 degrees and was constantly raining. I was able to figure out how to convert the pack into a poncho quite easily, but I will definitely need a tutorial to convert it back into a pack. The thickness of the material was perfect for keeping me warm in this temperature- it might be too heavy for a hot weather rain. I felt a little self-conscious because of the backpack straps hanging off the front. You can either keep your hands inside of the poncho or use the snap buttons to close up the edges into sleeves.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    asher.krell (verified owner)

    I got to try out the RoM Pack on a recent camping trip in the Cheaha State Park of Alabama. My takeaways from using the combo backpack, poncho, picnic blanket are:

    -The backpack works incredibly well for what it is designed to do. If you are going to be carrying your things somewhere where you will then unpack and hang out for a while, this piece of gear does exactly what you need. It held all the items we needed for the day of hiking including a hammock, water bottles, food, and small items (phone, wallet, keys, etc.) and still had plenty of internal space to spare. When we arrived at the campground we set up and unpacked then took apart the backpack so that we could use the blanket to sit on. I can imagine in the future this pack also being very useful for keeping in the car when any one of its uses might come up.

    -It is very comfortable to hike with. I found the strap design and layout to fit comfortably on my chest. They are highly adjustable for different sized individuals. The one criticism I had of the straps is that the cross chest straps are a little too long and I had trouble getting it tight enough since I am a relatively small person. Overall though I didn’t have much shifting around while hiking.

    -Included with a backpack was a small drawstring bag that is designed to fit inside the larger pack and hold your gear when using the pack as a poncho or blanket. I found this to work ok but felt it was a little unnecessary since anytime I would plan to take about the pack I would want to be at my final destination where I would be ok just taking out my gear.

    Overall, I would say this pack has a few very specific applications and it performs really well for all those situations. Worth checking out if you want to have a multipurpose backup bag in the car or are often in a situation where you are hiking in to picnic locations.

  4. Rated 4 out of 5

    mowenjoy (verified owner)

    I traveled to Trace SP near Tupelo, MS and used my pack on a 4.5 mile hike. I placed my hydration pack in the main pocket and a few other essentials in the detachable outer pockets. I found the pack to be a little heavy before loading it, 4.6lbs. Considering the heavy material used to make the well constructed pack this wasn’t surprising. I hiked in comfort for the distance. I didn’t use the chest and waist belts but they are an option to help distribute weight and carry. When I dismantled the pack to transform it into a poncho I realized it would take some practice but overall it was easy and didn’t take much time. The poncho is definitely sturdy, you would not have to worry about pushing through brush. It was also warm with the soft inner liner. It took me a minute to figure out what to do with the shoulder straps. I like the poncho.

    I could see using this pack for day use adventures and hunters would probably find it very functional. Realize that if you use the main pocket to pack things and then decided to break out the poncho or blanket that area goes away. This is why I stowed my hydration pack there. If I took the pack apart the two small detachable bags would go in the inner (sling) pack and my hydration pack could go on my back under the poncho. The inner pack has string shoulder straps so any distance with heavy items in that pack would not be comfortable for your shoulders. Two reasons I don’t consider it an overnight backpacking option.

    I would/will suggest this item to friends. It would be perfect for sporting events, adventures with the kids, and hunting.

  5. Rated 4 out of 5

    ritamae (verified owner)

    The RoM pack is a creative design–basically an origami style design that allows it to transform from a pack to a waterproof blanket and also into a hooded poncho. The outside of the pack has large, detachable zippered pouches which are great for things like headlamps and maps. The inside of the pack is made of a soft, brushed microfiber, while the outside is a super tough nylon fabric.

    I was excited to test the pack out on this particular trip because we were undertaking a sunrise hike with a bunch of kids ages 4-12, and I needed a pack that would be comfortable, while also holding plenty of gear. I was also excited because the temps on the mountain would be below freezing, and I knew the kids would want something insulating to sit on instead of bare rock. The hike I tested it on was 3.2 miles round trip.I overloaded the pack with hats, sweaters, granola bars, plenty of water, and a down sleeping bag.

    I found the straps to be surprisingly comfortable, considering they are wider than any of my other pack straps. The distributed the load well. The waist and sternum strap system was a little tricky, but they did help disperse and balance the load.

    The true test of the pack was when I ended up needed to give my 4 year old a ride up the mountain. I carried her in my arms, and the pack stayed secure and comfy while I huffed and puffed my way up the mountain. I really liked that once we were on the mountain, and I had unfolded the blanket, the little removable pouches kept everything small organized, so it was easy to reattach them and not lose things when we were ready to hike back down.

    9 kids ended up sharing the waterproof blanket as a seat, and they all thought it was great!

    IMPROVEMENTS: I wish there was a way that the back of the RoM pack could be stiffer. It tends to morph to the shape of whatever is inside it, so a bit of stiffness would distribute the load even better. Because of this, I wouldn’t take it on long, strenuous hikes, but it is perfect for shorter distances where you want the option of a nice place to sit, and don’t mind the slightly heavier weight.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    bellekunz (verified owner)

    This unique backpack comes with quite a cool origin story from its’ inventors, so I was very excited for the opportunity to test out something so innovative. When the pack arrived, I certainly was not disappointed. Unfortunately, quite a few early snow season storms delayed my attempts to get out in the field to test it although once I finally got the opportunity, it was totally worth the wait!

    This pack is nothing short of versatile. It not only serves as a backpack with optional removable outer pockets, but can also be used as a blanket and a wearable poncho!! Seriously, this thing is so cool. I could probably go on all day about the reasons I was impressed by this product, but for the sake of those reading, I decided to narrow down my top 3 favorite features of this backpack:

    1) The material. The designers of this product clearly have been in the woods a time or two. The pack is made out of a water resistant and super durable material on the outside but the other side is a thin polar fleece. This feature was really important as we went camping in the snow with it.

    As a backpack-this means everything inside your pack is protected from the dirt and the elements. I had no fear of my gear getting wet when I set my pack down directly in the snow.
    As a poncho-the inside is warm and soft while the outer material keeps you dry.
    As a blanket-although this product is lightweight, it is surprisingly thick and well insulated. We had to camp directly on the snow one night, so I laid down the blanket on the floor of my tent to use as an extra layer of insulation below my sleeping pad. It really added some much appreciated warmth!

    2) Did I mention all of the pockets?! I am a bit of an organization freak when it comes to camping, so I really appreciated how many places there were in this backpack to store and then easily access all of my things.

    3) The versatility. To me, this seems to be one of the major selling points of this incredibly innovative product and for good reason. Not only is it a high quality backpack, but it can also serve to provide two essential things while adventuring in the outdoors-warmth and protection. You can leave your extra layers and picnic blankets at home when you have this backpack to cut down on weight and gear. Additionally, switching between the uses is really quite easy and well explained in this video for first time users.

    Overall, I was really impressed by the RoM pack. I will definitely be following this brand in the future and can’t wait to see what other novel products come from the genius behind RoM Outdoors!

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Spot clean with a damp cloth and allow to air dry in blanket form. We do not recommend putting your Rōm Pack in the washing machine. Trust us on this one.

Brush off any loose debris and spot-clean, if necessary. Fold into pack form. Use the web haul handle to hang your pack off the ground and in a dry place. Ahh.

Any durable water repellent (DWR) finished product should be resealed at least once every two seasons. If water appears to absorb into the outer poly layer instead of beading up, it’s time to reseal. Do this by applying a DWR coating, which you may purchase from your favorite outdoor retailer. Not naming any names.

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