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Bring More. Pack Less.

We simplify life by making a pack and other products with hidden utility. Products that prepare you for a perfect storm or a perfect sunset—
and everything in between. Go.
Let adventure unfold.

The Rom pack Backpack has several helpful features including: Arno Straps to hold items like umbrellas, hiking poles, rifles, or chairs; Hidden Zippered Pocket for storing smaller items; Removable Saddlebags that can stay together or disconnect with one click; Dual Side mesh pockets for carrying drinks and other items that need easy accessibility; Fastening Clips to keep shoulder straps in place and adjusted to your fit; DWR Fabric that keeps water out and helps with insulation when used as a poncho; Molle Straps & Webbing - useful to hood additional gear on.
Buy the Rōm Pack

One Man’s Mission to Keep You
Ahead of the Pack.

In 2008 a father of twins invented a game-changing backpack. After getting tired of lugging multiple bags to outdoor events and family activities, he stitched the very first prototype himself.

Soon after making that first pack, he founded J-Pac, Inc., headquartered in both Tennessee and Georgia with roots all over the Southeast. Still family-owned and operated, J-Pac Inc. is proud to introduce RōM Outdoors and the RōM Pack, the latest version of one man’s dream turned reality.

Look for new products and updates soon—the RōM Pack is only the beginning.

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