Gordy Prather


I’m impressed with the functionality of the pack. At first, I was a little skeptical about the practicality and efficiency of a 3 in 1 combination pack. However, the transition from one use to another really is quite simple. In fact, on our most recent hiking trip, we used the RōM pack to full capacity.

Before our adventure even unfolded, our son was playing near the creek at the trailhead. He, of course, fell in. He wasn’t injured. Just wet. We didn’t bring towels or a change of clothes, so we transformed one of our packs into the poncho and he sat in it until he warmed up and his clothes dried.

We quickly transformed the pack back into its natural use and were on our way up the trail.

The pack sat on the shoulders well and didn’t present any issues along the way.

At lunch, we unfolded one of the packs into the blanket and used it for a picnic. Again, I like the multifunctional ability of the pack.

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Brittany Lorenzi

Recently, while in Birmingham for a tournament, a storm rolled in out of nowhere. I was thankful to have my RōM Pack, which quickly transformed into a durable poncho.

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Customer Stories

Jon Heffron

Customer Stories

Jon Heffron

The RōM Pack is the multi-tool of backpacks. With the ability to be used as a blanket, rain poncho and backpack, it's a great addition to my kit for those just in case moments.
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