Marker 6.17.1 – More Than Music


Once upon a June day, we got a phone call from Happy Street Entertainment in Los Angeles, California. They were hard at work on a new television project that focuses on Nashville culture, came across RōM Outdoors, and wanted to produce a segment on our brand and hear from us on what it’s like to own a business in Nashville. Gladly!

Didn’t hurt that in doing our part, we got to hang with award-winning country artist Kellie Pickler, and award-winning New York City journalist Ben Aaron, all while playing a tiny role in something Faith Hill is making (she’s the Creator and Executive Producer of the show). It was a one-of-a-kind adventure inspired by our one-of-a-kind city.

Fingers crossed our segment airs this fall during the new, National talk show debut about the big little city of Nashville. You bet there’s more than music here in Music City — kudos to Faith Hill for having the vision to see and share that with the world.
(Psst: Learn more about the show here.)

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Customer Stories

Jon Heffron

Customer Stories

Jon Heffron

The RōM Pack is the multi-tool of backpacks. With the ability to be used as a blanket, rain poncho and backpack, it's a great addition to my kit for those just in case moments.
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