Start a Campfire


After finding an open, level area with a 15-foot radial clearance, dig a one-foot deep pit then follow these directions for a long-lasting campfire.


Gather three types of wood—

Tinder: Small twigs, dry leaves

Kindling: Thin sticks

Firewood: Large pieces of dry wood


Make a small pile of tinder in the center of the pit, then use kindling to build a tee-pee or log-cabin shape over the tinder.


Light the tinder using a match or lighter, then blow gently at the base of the fire. Gently.


Add more kindling and larger firewood to keep the fire going. Kick back and enjoy the crackling glow.

Always practice safety—have water and a shovel close by. For more information on how to safely build and maintain a campfire, visit

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